Through our member libraries, the Woodlands Library Cooperative serves 825,000 residents in Southern lower Michigan. We do not provide direct service to the public. Instead, we provide economies of scale, training, collaboration, technology, advocacy, & leadership to our member libraries. Our membership currently consists of 50 public libraries, six K-12 school libraries/media centers, 6 academic libraries, and 1 special library, located throughout thirteen counties. Through our association with other regional library cooperatives, the Michigan Library Association, the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, and the Library of Michigan, the Woodlands Library Cooperative facilitates access to library resources throughout the State of Michigan and throughout the nation.

The Woodlands Library Cooperative is governed by a nine-member governing board. Board members are selected to serve a three-year term by the member library boards. They are chosen on a rotating basis, alphabetically, by the name of their community with two members from class VI libraries, two members from class V libraries, three members from classes IV and III libraries and two members from classes II and I libraries. The Governing Board manages the cooperative and makes bylaws, rules, and regulations as necessary.  Each member library has a representative who serves on the Advisory Council which advises, evaluates, and recommends actions for library services to the cooperative director and the Governing Board.