Adapted from WLC’s Plan of Service:

A Council representing all of the full member libraries of the cooperative will be formed to advise, evaluate and recommend action for library service to the director and the Governing Board. Each member library has a representative who serves on the Advisory Council, and is entitled to one representative and one alternate appointed from the library staff. 

The Advisory Council will normally meet at least four times a year.  The Council chairperson shall call for volunteers in order to appoint members to committees, task forces, and shall designate the committee chairpersons for all committees. Committees shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members and not more than seven (7) members. Committees shall meet at least once per year.  Duties for all committees shall include providing for input from all member libraries and providing for a secretary of each committee to send a report of the meeting to Woodlands Library Cooperative headquarters to be placed on file. Charges for each committee are detailed in the Cooperative By-laws.  A task force may be formed by a vote of the Advisory Council to study or review a specific objective.