Woodlands Library Cooperative

Connecting your library

Library workers at all levels look to their library cooperative as a primary source of support and guidance. Cooperative staff are seen as a trusted advisors; sometimes the cooperative director is known as the “librarian’s librarian.”

Based in Albion, Michigan, the Woodlands Library Cooperative serves 50 public libraries located across thirteen counties in Southern Lower Michigan.

Governed by a nine-member appointed board, Woodlands facilitates the provision of electronic and physical resource sharing, continuing education and training for library workers and library boards. We ensure our member libraries are represented through our strategic partnerships, collaborations with colleagues on the regional, state, and national level. Woodlands advocates for libraries of all types, leads strategic planning and more for public libraries, the people that work in them, and the nearly 826,000 Michigan residents we serve along the cuff of Michigan’s mitten.

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Supporting your whole library

Online databases

Consumer Reports Online Mango Languages Tutor.com libby

Labor Law Posters
Professional Memberships

Reimbursement for your MLA & MCLS annual organizational membership

Customized training for library boards & directors

Helping you and your board, in person

Annual Innovation Grants

Fund allocated to each library annually to enhance the patron experience

Use of software licenses

Zoom SurveyMonkey

Strategic Planning

Community Surveying Focus groups

Reimbursements for training

Each library may be reimbursed for costs related to staff continuing education, library technology upgrades/improvements/repairs, or legal services

RIDES Delivery & Fuel Surcharges

We cover RIDES delivery 100% for all fifty members in their 83 buildings

Woodlands helps.